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After years of talking myself out of working out (“It’s too early so I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”), hundreds of dollars in unused exercise equipment (“Sure, I’ll just replace my office chair with a yoga ball!”), depraved diets with strict regulations (“You mean I can eat all the bacon and cheddar I want as long as I only eat 9 carbs per month?!”), and uninspiring exercise classes (“Oh look, it’s another downward dog. Yay.”), it didn’t seem I would ever find an enjoyable way to get in shape.

As it turns out, I don’t like going to the gym. I’m not into yoga and I hate fad diets. What I do like is wearing high heels. Even more so, I like wearing high heels and hanging upside down. Think about it. Is there anything more empowering than climbing to the top of an eight-foot or even twelve-foot pole and inverting your body? Did you ever think you could challenge yourself to do such a thing? Did you ever think you could be capable of such strength and grace? I didn’t. All I was looking for was a way to look good naked. After my first pirouette, I was hooked. After my first year, I lost 37 pounds. Since then, I’ve realized that pole fitness is so much more than a workout—it’s a complete transformation.

My love for pole-dancing is no secret. I wear my bruises and calluses with pride. They are mine and I have earned them. Everyday I ask women to take a chance and try something new; to see beyond the stigma of “girls, girls, girls” and discover the true beauty of feminine strength that starts with a single swing around the pole. And to those who give me a sideways glance, I just invite them to sit on it and spin!


I must admit that walking into a Pole Studio was kind of intimidating. ( I have been a Gold’s Gym and YMCA rat for roo long!) I was immediately welcomed with a big smile and a beautiful, well appointed, quaint facility. I immediately fell in love with the place and have enjoyed taking Zumba with Nikki and Pole dancing with Jessica. I used to work out at another pole studio in Orlando but really missed the “family ” type of atmosphere that Allure has to offer. I like to go to a place where people really care about me,my family and my overall well being. I have found that at Allure and am thrilled to be a new member..BTW I am not in my 20′s but have found a new addiction to feeling great and swinging on a pole. I love it!


I have only taken one pole dance class before and it was in NC. I wasn’t very impressed with my first experience so I decided to give it another go. Allure was offering a first class for free so I figured why not. It was INCREDIBLE! The instructor was in amazing shape and she made everything look effortless. Management walked me through the venue and went over everything and was super friendly. It was a really confortable atmosphere. It being a women only facility is one of the best things about it. It’s a very clean, fun and inspiring place to get your workout on! I absolutely loved my experience and will be going back…..MANY TIMES!!!


I was – like any woman might be – totally scared and nervous to attend a class here. However, the website was really great at setting my expectations and explaining what the class was going to be like.
The location is great, even though it is rather far from my house. The decor is adorable – super girly – and it’s really very clean. They sell Allure emblemed goodies, which I will absolutely buy next time I’m there. My instructor was great. She was patient and made me feel comfortable right away. She had a great playlist and took her time showing us proper movement and how to shake what our mamas gave us. She even took questions at the end of the class. This place is comfortable. A real woman (of whatever shape, size and age) can go here to find or revitalize her inner sexy and also get a great workout. (My poor rear!) I thought it would feel more like a place in which veteran strippers go to get a brush-up on their skills. I’m so glad it’s not. The first class is free – so it’s definitely worth the try! If you decide not to get a membership, classes are frequent and rather inexpensive so you can pick and choose…which is probably what I’m going to do.


I came to Allure Dance with a curious, yet nervous demeanor. Of course, something so new is going to be intimidating. But after my first class, I knew I was going to be hooked. I couldn’t stop thinking about the Pole class I had just taken. Everyone there was so welcoming and informative. They gave me encouraging words and made me feel like I could accomplish anything! I absolutely love this studio. I could go there everyday which I just about do now that I have a membership! I already can feel a difference in my strength and not to mention its a blast, while receiving an amazing workout. I’m so glad I made the decision to join Allure!!


In just one short month Allure has become my home away from home. I have never been an avid student of physical exercise like many others and wasted gym memberships due to lack of interest or time, but Allure has transformed me into a committed student. After just a few short weeks I noticed I had more self-confidence and I was building muscles I never thought I would ever have in this lifetime. More importantly, I have an extra boost of energy throughout my day that put an abrupt end to that draining lethargic feeling I carried with me for many years.

These classes are tailored for ALL women so I would suggest putting any doubts aside and trying the free class. The women who attend the classes are friendly and easy to warm up to. The instructors and managing staff are incredible and more than you could ever ask for from a studio.
After my first class I signed up for a membership and it was well worth. It is a bargain to say the least. Every type of class is perfectly integrated with another and helps you with flexibility and coordination. I went in with a main interest in pole dancing and now I enjoy the stretch and flex classes just as much. So put all the excuses aside and dont miss out on this incredible experience that will leave you smiling ear to ear!


Very fun and exciting way to workout. Instructor was very nice and made you feel confident in yourself (Nita), My friends and I WILL be going back. The studio was also very nice and clean environment.


I hate exercise and I hate sweating BUT I ROCK OUT 3 to 4 nights a week with a huge smile on my face at Allure Dance! This is THEE place to be ladies! Not only is the Allure team INCREDIBLE, and the owner Jojo AMAZING, the studio itself makes me feel like a beautiful woman! Now, every moment of everyday, I crave being at Allure and I crave exercise… fun exhilarating, heart pounding, sweaty exercise! I LOVE the POLE classes, I LOVE the cardio classes, I LOVE the strength classes… each and every class is my favorite class! In summation, this is my favorite place on earth to be and honestly… he DOESN’T deserve me looking this good!!


I am VERY IMPRESSED with the Allure Dance Studio, its staff and the truely original classes they offer! They have created a platform where women can tap into their inner sexiness with confidence. After my first class, I was amazed at how sore my muscles were. I was having so much fun I didn’t realize the workout I was actually getting. I am truely enjoying my membership at Allure Dance!!!


Allure Dance is awesome mostly due to the staff and not being too crowded with members yet. The instructors are great dancers and the owner and studio manager are really nice, and the women who come to learn are all fun and friendly. The studio is in the adorable College Park neighborhood and the interior is cute and spacious.

Classes include all varieties of pole dancing, and also piyo, zumba, hip hop, cardio, and many more. Nothing is ever just plain working out, there’s always a fun twist.

Definitely a great women’s gym where you can be comfortable and get fit while having sooo much fun!!

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