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Allure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance offers a wide variety of classes that allow you to feel confident, healthy, sexy and empowered all at the same time. These classes change the definition of fitness, from unenjoyable routine, to fun! These classes are both on and off the pole, and are developed entirely around making you comfortable with your body.

Read through the list below by clicking on the Allure Dance Studio to expand and read the full description of each class. Once you’re done, you can click the Allure Dance Studio to close the section. The following classes are currently offered at Allure.

Pole Classes

Allure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance Orlando





Intro to Pole Virgins
This class is designed to train you on the basic moves of pole dancing. You will learn how to support yourself on the pole, basic holds and spins, walking, eye contact and how to get in touch with your inner soul and show that SEXY comes from the inside out! (DEMO VIDEO INSIDE)
Pole 1
This is a transition class from Intro to Pole to Pole 2. In this class you will learn some new spins, reverse the spins you were already taught, fluidity getting in and out of the moves, also how to properly climb and descend the pole. You will have to learn this before entering into Pole 2. . (DEMO VIDEO INSIDE)
Pole 2
Once you have mastered the moves in Pole 1, you will be excited to discover new challenges. You must already know how to climb and descend the pole, as well as know all the reverse moves to the tricks you learned in Intro to Pole. (DEMO VIDEO INSIDE)
Pole 3
This class incorporates what you have already learned in Pole 1 and 2 classes. At this level you are finally ready to turn sideways and upside down on the pole using your own body strength as resistance.
Pole Rock Star (Level 4) — Master
You are now stepping into the highest level of pole dancing offered here at Allure Studio! Now you are ready to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.
Intro to Pole/Lap/Exotic Dance
Can't decide? How about a combo class? Every 20 minutes you will be doing something different.
Allure Pole Doubles
Double the Sexy.....Double the Fun!!
Strictly Pole Tricks
This class is designed solely for the purpose of teaching our clients new tricks, climbs and spins. You will also be able to perfect the tricks that you have already learned. (DEMO VIDEO INSIDE)
Static-Spinning Fusion
This class is designed solely for the purpose of teaching our clients new tricks, climbs and spins. You will also be able to perfect the tricks that you have already learned.
Pole Dirty
There is no law against being a little dirty. Tastefully dirty of course!
Pole Themes
How much fun would it be to do a pole routine to some of your favorite music?
Pole Invert Madness
Do you sometimes feel that your world is turned upside down? Well in this class, YOU’RE RIGHT! All the tricks and climbs you will be taught in this class require you to be upside down.
This class is a great strength building workout! Pole work including holding a hanging grip, climbing, pull-ups and leg work.
Ever wanted to dance in a professionally choreophraphed routine like Lady Gaga or Britney Spears? Well now you can with a little added twist.
Simply Spins Pole Dancing
This class focuses on just pole spins from beginner through the advanced level. Students will learn proper technique, hand placement and body alignment. (DEMO VIDEO INSIDE)
Pole Fluidity
You will learn pirouettes, floor work, and dance moves to help you develop fluidity in your style and routines. (DEMO VIDEO INSIDE)
Static Pole
This class will teach how to create those sexy moves while using your own body strength to spin on a static (stationary) pole.
Aerial Pole
Take your pole experience to new heights. Come fly with us with this advance level pole class where you will do tricks and spins at the top of the pole.
Pole Girls Intermediate and Flexibility
Time to step up your game in this 90 minute class. This is the ultimate pole girls challenge. You will be challenged with a combination of intermediate pole tricks and inversions followed by a half hour of flexibility training
Pole Poppin
Upright pole spins, sexy dancing and fluid floor work incorporating any way you can pop, shake, gyrate and bounce your booty. If you love our booty bouncing, you will love this class also!
Reverse Pole
This floor-based class teaches you how to balance upside-down in headstands, forearm-stands, handstands and other arm balances inspired by acrobatics. In this class you start from the ground up!
Finding your Freestyle
Want to perfect your pole skills to move on to the next level?
Practice Pole
Want to perfect your pole skills to move on to the next level? Practice Pole is the class for you!


Cardio Classes

Allure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance Orlando





PussyCat Doll Cardio Dance
Unleash your inner Pussycat! This class features the most glamorous and fun dance workout you've ever done!
Chair-ilicious Cardio
This class incorporates dancing around a chair while using the chair for support and resistance against your own body weight. Be prepared for an amazing workout!
Foxy Boxing
Wanna know how boxers get to be so tough? Take this class and find out! You'll be a lean, mean, sexy boxing machine after a full hour of hard-core kicking, and punching.
Brazilian Samba
COMING SOON! This class is not mild or medium, it is a little Hot, Hot, Hot!
Why? Because it's the best party around! (DEMO VIDEO INSIDE)
Cardio Yoga/PIYO
You will practice a variety of yoga and pilates positions that stretch, strengthen, and improve balance and focus. (DEMO VIDEO INSIDE)
Hip Hop
This is a high energy class for women of all ages.
Cardio Belly Dancing
Looking for a new and different type of workout? Belly dancing is great exercise! In this class, you’ll get a full body workout. You’ll raise your heart rate, burn calories, and tone your muscles.
Sexy Stillettos
We’re dancing, moving, working out… in our high heels! In this classy, fitness class, you will conduct a sexy workout that includes cardio, strength building, toning and sculpting exercises, specifically designed to tone your lower body.
Self Defense for Women
COMING SOON! Here at Allure dance you will learn practical, proven self-defense skills effective against real life attacks by one or more assailants of any size.
Catfight-MMA for girls
MMA combines the art of several distinct types of martial arts for fighters to utilize. MMA fighters use techniques from wrestling, judo, Muay Thai kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Toning Classes

Allure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance Orlando





Bodacious Booty & Abs
Shake it don’t break it, it took your momma 9 months to make it!
Werk and Twerk
We take plain old aerobics to a whole new level. Shake, shake that booty baby!
Ultimate Bikini Workout
Get the body you want to show off in summer dresses, short shorts, or the tiniest bikini. The Ultimate Bikini Body Workout is a quick way to lose weight and get sculpted and toned while improving your overall fitness.
Armed and Dangerous
Upper Body Burn is a total upper body workout will help you shape your shoulders, arms, chest, and back.
Skinny Jeans Workout
In this hour long lower body workout class you will be using your body as resistance. . Once you have experienced the strength, power, endurance, and cardio conditioning from this workout, you will be down right ballsy!
Fab Abs
This 30 minutes class provides an intensive workout that specifically targets shaping your core.
Booty Bouncin''
This one hour fun filled workshop will teach you to shake your Ass-ets like you never have before! You will learn how to isolate the muscles in your derriere and whip your body into shape.

Sexy/Sultry Classes

Allure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance Orlando






Chair Tease
Want to tease and temp your lover? Work him into frenzy with a “look don’t touch” lap dance? As you learn how to snake yourself around his body and whirl your hips inches away from his lap ....
Naughty but Nice Exotic Dance
Naughty but tastefully, of course. This is one of the naughtiest classes you will take here at Allure Dance. Learn how to walk the walk, talk the talk (dirty talk of course), fake it til you make it. This class is not for the shy!
Fantasy Floorwork
Wear your sexy funky leg warmers for this class! Learn to take your pole dancing skills to the next level by incorporating some sexy ground work in your routine You will slither and slide your way into a more graceful you by adding this into you portfolio.
Burlesque Dance
Not only will you walk away with a few new moves for the boudoir, but this is also a great workout! Basic techniques such as bumps and grinds, classic movements and posturing, we piece together a simple, beautiful routine sure to dazzle!
Sensual Fit Cardio
Wear your funky leg warmers and high heels for this class. We are bringing sexy back with a combination of sexy moves to help you be more fluid. Sway those hips, roll your body in this cardiovascular sexy workout!


Flexibility and Yoga Classes

Allure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance OrlandoAllure Dance Orlando






The course begins with deep stretching to maximize extension to get you into your splits. The second part of the course consists of learning the proper stretching methods to help you achieve flat splits and full extension not only on the floor but also in the air.
Aerial Yoga
Take your favorite yoga moves to a higher level! Hang from the ceiling in a yoga sling come try out what everyone is talking about.
Candlelight Power Yoga
Step into your evening nice and relaxed with this sensually enlivening yoga class. We will begin with a short meditation, expanding the mind and relieving distraction. We will then progress to our practice moving gracefully in the candlelight. Focus will be on self-awareness and breath awareness, helping to create a more authentic and grounding existence. We will end in a peach invoking meditation, preparing you for a blissful night’s rest.
Power Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa Power Yoga synchronizes the breath with a flowing sequence of postures and typically use transitional vinyasa sequences between sustained postures as well.
Ashtanga Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga is for internal cleansing. Its a vigorous, athletic style of practice which incorporates synchronized breathing and movement which heats the blood, cleaning and thinning it so that it may circulate more freely. Through the use of Ashtanga Yoga, the body becomes healthy, light and strong.
Yang Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga has the same goals and objectives as any other school of yoga; however, it directs the stimulation normally created in the asana portion of the practice deeper than the superficial or muscular tissues (which we are calling the yang tissues). Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.